Abstract of Barcelona Paper on Full Spectral Imaging


This page contains information about the paper presented at the SPIE Conference on Remote Sensing 2003 (8 September 2003, Barcelona, Spain) in the session Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites VII

Sensors, Systems, and Next Generation Satellites IX

1. ABSTRACT TITLE: FULL SPECTRAL IMAGING; A Revisited Approach to Remote Sensing

2. AUTHOR LISTING: John Bolton, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, EOS Program Office, Code 420, Phone: (301) 286-8547, Fax: (301) 286-1145, e-mail: john.f.bolton@nasa.gov

3. PRESENTATION: Oral Presentation

4. BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: John Bolton has served as an instrument systems engineer at NASA Goddard for twenty years. Prior experience includes opto-electronic instrument development in industry and academia. Mr. Bolton served as lead instrument systems engineer for the Earth Observing System (EOS) Program at Goddard. Recent work involves the development of advanced optical remote sensing technologies.

5. ABSTRACT TEXT: Current optical remote sensing instrument technology allows the acquisition and digitization of all of the reflected energy (light) across the full spectral range of interest. The current method for acquiring, transmitting, and processing this data is still based on the "multi-band" approach that has been used for the past thirty years. This approach was required due to limitations imposed by early instrument technology.
This paper will present generalized concepts for acquiring, pre-processing, transmitting, and extracting information from full-spectral, remotely sensed data. The goal of the paper is to propose methods for changing from the current "bytes-per-band" approach to the "spectral curve" approach. The paper will describe how the Full Spectral ImagingŠ (FSI) approach has the potential to greatly simplify instrument characterization and calibration and to significantly reduce data transmission and storage requirements. We will suggest how these improvements may be accomplished with no loss of remotely sensed information.

6. KEYWORDS: imaging spectrometry, hyperspectral imaging, data compression, calibration.

Barcelona Paper on full Spectral Imaging


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