This page contains a listing of off-the-shelf components that might be used for hyperspectral imaging, and other high spatial and spectral resolution imaging systems.


Front Ends

For more than 35 years, Agilent has been designing and fabricating leading-edge optics

CeramOptec ensures the highest quality and best transmission for fiber optic bundles and assemblies Optran® UVNS (UV Non-Solarizing) Silica / Silica Fiber - 0.22 NA or 0.28 NA Exclusive Bundle and Assembly Fiber

Ellis Optical Technology will provide high quality products to companies that require the broad range of specialty optical goods in our field of expertise.

Fiberoptic Systems, Inc. offers custom and standard fiber optic bundles and patchcords for the medical, semiconductor, military, entertainment, spectroscopy, microscopy, and machine vision markets.

Incom, Inc. Image conduit is a high-quality image transfer device containing a rigidly fused bundle of optical fibers arranged in an ordered fashion to transmit an image from one end of the rigid fiber optic rod and display it at the other end of the rod.

Polymicro Technologies, LLC is the world's leading supplier of silica capillary tubing and specialty optical fibers, optical fiber and capillary assemblies, discrete micro components and quartz optical fiber ferrules.

SCHOTT's Fiber Optics wound image bundles are produced by winding a multi fiber one layer at a time on a drum and assembling the desired number of layers in a separate laminating operation. The final flexible image bundles are comprised of individual multi fibers bound only at the ends and separate between.
SCHOTT's image guides are coherent flexible fiber optic bundles used in applications to improve, enhance, magnify, minify or record an image, often from remote locations.

Sumita Optical Glass has built up a solid record of technical achievement since its establishment in 1953.
Transfers coherent images. Single fibers are as small as six μm in diameter. Features: Flexibility, and extremely high resolution



Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC Hyperspectral Imager Unlike wavelength scanning systems that measure an image slice at a fixed wavelength and slit scanning systems that measure a spectral slice at a fixed position, the Staring Hyperspectral Imager captures both the spectral and the spatial information of the scene simultaneously. It is designed for high-speed hyperspectral imaging of transient events and for observation from moving platforms. The device has no moving components, making the system immune to mechanical failure. The unique design simplifies the detector read-out and the optical system, and provides a fully registered, hyperspectral data cube on every video frame. It is ideally suited for airborne, hand-held, and vehicle-mounted systems.


Welcome to Brandywine Optics. Our mission is to provide optics system design from the initial performance analysis to the final production hardware. We specialize in lens design, stray light analysis, mechanical prototyping, optical testing and integration. We work with optics vendors and local CNC machine shops, to build the best optical solution for our customers, whether on a consulting basis, as an OEM component supplier, or optical systems house. Examples of our past experience include hyperspectral imaging, illumination design for a paper machine, in-water optical measurements, retinal imaging, and Earth remote sensing.

Centice designs and manufactures molecular spectroscopy optical sensors that are used by our partners in general purpose and application-specific products.
Our sensors are based on patent-pending computational sensor technology exclusively licensed from Duke University, where the technology was first developed.
Computational sensors combine multiplexing optical designs with electronics and proprietary mathematical algorithms, to achieve both extreme sensitivity and uncompromised resolution – a breakthrough that had previously been unattainable.

Headwall Photonics, Inc (formerly American Holographic, and Agilent Technologies) Headwall Photonics, Inc. designs and manufactures advanced optical solutions that manage wavelengths for customers requiring application-specific performance. Our strength is in the manufacture of precision spectral modules and original holographic diffraction gratings. and

Ibsen Photonics - global leader in Phase masks, fused silica transmission gratings and FBG Interrogation monitors. Based on Ibsen's core technology of fused silica transmission diffraction gratings, Ibsen is a global leader in holographic Phase masks as well as transmission gratings for a broad range of applications.

LightSmyth Technologies introduces a new family of diffraction gratings based on silicon-substrates and DUV photolithographic ruling in the first major advance in grating fabrication technique in decades. For the first time, the nanoscale patterning power of photoreduction lithography is harnessed to produce diffraction gratings with standard linear-grove configuration or with arbitrary line spacing and curvature providing for focusing capability without the need for curved substrates.

OKSI specializes in the development of turn-key electro-optical sensor systems covering the UV, VNIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR.  Primarily, OKSI develops systems that combine imaging and spectroscopy, including the mechanical assembly  (high vacuum dewars for cryogenic operations), electronics, optics, computer interface and signal acquisition, algorithms for signal and data processing.

P&P Optica is proud to offer one of the most accurate and versatile spectrometer platforms available for visible to near infra-red spectroscopy. Current designs offer up to 20 simultaneous input channels with excellent signal to noise ratio and minimal crosstalk. Our instruments are based on Volume Phase Holographic (VPH) gratings, which permit high signal to noise ratios and throughput values. Our spectrometer offers much greater efficiency than similar instruments based on relief gratings. Performance is further enhanced by extremely high quality optics and an optical path designed for maximum efficiency. Our multi-channel spectrometer platform is an adaptable and economical instrument that can be tailored to specific applications or general lab work from client supplied criteria. Currently, the platform is subdivided into four spectral ranges: 400-750nm, 560-1050nm, 880-1650nm and 1175-2200nm. An instrument with response up to 2500nm is currently under development. The platform can be easily modified to provide exceptional spectral resolution in narrower spectral ranges.

Resonon’s compact and cost-effective airborne hyperspectral imaging system is suitable for a wide range of airborne platforms. The system includes an imaging spectrometer, a data acquisition computer, an interface for collecting GPS/IMU data, and system control software. Training and integration assistance are provided.


The Advasense next-generation Multi-MegaPixel CMOS Image Sensors have outstanding image quality for all lighting conditions, and exhibit better performance in low light environments by a factor of at least 10 compared to current CIS and CCD products. Advasense CIS products provide vibrant and sharp images at extremely low-light conditions, enabling the mass-market, day-to-day usage of camera phones in every situation.

Andor Technology manufactures a comprehensive range of CCD & ICCD detection systems for demanding, low light, spectroscopy applications. These detection systems offer the ultimate in low noise, high dynamic range, high resolution performance and have a complete suite of spectroscopy accessories for the total solution requirement.

Apogee Instruments, a leading scientific camera manufacturer is pleased to announce the release of the Alta series of imaging systems. Two years in development, the new Alta line incorporates embedded USB2.0 or 100baset interfaces with local image storage.

Atmel Corporation, founded in 1984, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced semiconductors, including advanced logic, nonvolatile memory, mixed signal and RF integrated circuits.
Atmel is one of the elite new companies capable of integrating dense nonvolatile memory, logic and analog functions on a single chip. Atmel chips are manufactured using the most advanced wafer processes, including BiCMOS, CMOS and Silicon Germanium (SiGe) technologies.

Bocko and Ignjatovic Breakthrough Chip Delivers Better Digital Pictures For Less Power

Dalsa Our years of research and development have brought us dozens of patents in the design and fabrication of CCD and CMOS image sensors and allowed us to continually refine our products into the most sophisticated, best-performing sensors available

e2v technologies limited Leaders in high performance CCD technology. Since 1980 we have been manufacturing CCD sensors at our Chelmsford, UK site for a wide range of demanding applications.

Fairchild Imaging develops and manufactures solid-state electronic imaging components, cameras, and systems. We are a company devoted to the creation of electronic imaging technology, development of that technology to production practicality, and manufacture to commercial success.

Fermionics Opto-Technology InGaAs Detectors, arrays, and optical receivers. Fermionics Opto-Technology offers InGaAs photodiodes with active diameters ranging from 30 µm to 5 mm.

IMEC is a world-leading independent research center in nanoelectronics and nanotechnology. Its research focuses on the next generations of chips and systems, and on the enabling technologies for ambient intelligence. IMEC’s research bridges the gap between fundamental research at universities and technology development in industry. Its unique balance of processing and system know-how, intellectual property portfolio, state-of-the-art infrastructure and its strong network of companies, universities and research institutes worldwide position IMEC as a key partner for shaping technologies for future systems.

Eastman Kodak Company's Image Sensor Solutions (ISS) division. A leader in CCD technology for well over twenty years, Kodak offers a broad product portfolio of world-class, high performance sold state image sensors, ranging from CCD (full-frame, interline, linear) to the company's new line of CMOS performance imagers. ISS delivers digital imaging solutions offering performance and features not found in other commercially available sensors, including higher-resolution, large pixel devices with high dynamic range.

Lumenera Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial, scientific and security markets. Located in Ottawa, Canada, Lumenera provides an extensive range of high-performance digital cameras with unique combinations of speed, resolution and sensitivity to satisfy the demands of today's imaging applications. Lumenera also offers custom design services to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners requiring specialized hardware and software features.

Lumetrix is a world leader in imaging optical radiation measurement solutions using CCD imaging cameras. Our equipment is designed and manufactured to provide most accurate and reliable measurements throughout its long useful life. We supply solutions for the metrology, R&D, production and quality control for research, industry and the military. All our systems are calibrated to NIST traceable standards.

Micron is one of the world's leading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions. Micron’s DRAM and Flash components are used in today’s most advanced computing, networking, and communications products, including computers, workstations, servers, cell phones, wireless devices, digital cameras, and gaming systems. Micron also provides CMOS image sensor solutions to the handset camera, digital still camera, and PC video camera markets.

The MOSIR™ 950 stands alone as the world's first and exclusive NIR image intensified spectroscopy camera between 950 and 1650 nm. Based on Intevac's patented and exclusive transfer electron (TE) photocathode and electron bombarded (EB) gain technology, the MOSIR 950 is ideal for low light spectroscopy and imaging applications including Raman spectroscopy, chemical imaging, astronomy, and photoluminescence. The combination of high QE and low noise gain between 950 and 1650 nm provides far superior sensitivity than CCD's or InGaAs arrays.

Peripheral Imaging Corporation (PIC) has rapidly emerged into one of today's leading designers and manufacturers of cost-effective, high-performance CMOS imaging products.

Photonfocus is a leading CMOS imager designing company. Due to carefully selected CMOS processes and proper signal handling techniques, temporal noise of CMOS Image Sensors nowadays outperforms CCD's. Moreover, with the LinLog™ technology invented by Photonfocus, it is for the first time possible to combine Linear and Logarithmic response in a single pixel, thus preventing slow response time and reduced contrast known from traditional Logarithmic Image sensors.

Photron's innovative range of light-sensitive, high-speed digital video cameras includes high-resolution CMOS, low-cost CCD (both available as stand-alone or for use in a PC) and high-G (hyge) mega-pixel cameras for onboard vehicle crash or military ballistics testing. Photron cameras are replacing high-speed film cameras as an effective means of studying ultra-high-speed phenomena or to troubleshoot costly problems

QWIP Technologies is your only source for bound-to-quasibound, Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) Focal Plane Arrays and Sensor Engines.

Redlake high-resolution MegaPlus® line of cameras has set the industry standard for research, medical, industrial and machine vision applications. MegaPlus® cameras provide precise and convenient control of image exposure and capture timing, and are designed for easy integration into image processing systems

SUI (Sensors Unlimited/Goodrich) offers a complete line of products for image sensing in the shortwave infrared (SWIR) range of the spectrum, enabling users to "see" objects outside the visible spectrum. The standard product line operates only in the shortwave infrared (SWIR) wavelength range from 0.9 to 1.7 µm SUI also has an extended wavelength product range, that includes visible and SWIR response in 2-D array, allowing the same array to image from 400nm to 1700nm.

Sofradir develops and manufactures advanced infrared detectors for military, space and commercial applications. We specialize in cooled IR detectors based on a sophisticated high performance technology, Mercury Telluride Cadmium (MCT).

TAEYM fundamentally changes the way digital imaging is performed. Our products are used in automotive, aerospace, astronomy, spectroscopy, research, medical, machine vision.... New camera technologies are developed. We learn computers to see...

ULIS The only independent non verticalized large scale manufacturer of uncooled infrared detectors based on the amorphous silicon technology. ULIS is intended for use in the market for low cost infrared civilian and military equipment.

Vision Components is a German company. We concentrate on what we're best at : Design and Production of top-notch Smart Cameras in high quantities. As a result of being highly specialized, we can offer you excellent value for money ... or


Matrox Morphis Cost-effective board for standard video capture and/or real-time JPEG2000 compression/decompression


Blackfin® Processors embody a new breed of 16/32-bit embedded processor, ideally suited for products where a convergence of capabilities are necessary – multi-format audio, video, voice and image processing; multi-mode baseband and packet processing; control processing; and real-time security. The Blackfin's unique combination of software flexibility and scalability has gained it widespread adoption in convergent applications.

Doremi Digital Cinema technology is poised to revolutionize all aspects of the cinema market, from post production to digital projection. Doremi Cinema is at the forefront of this emerging technology with its advanced line of playback servers and mastering systems.

Maxwell Technologies Microelectronics designs Single Board Computers for space applications based on a variety of standard processor architectures to meet the requirements of your program.

System Computers

Acme Portable Machines, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing company that designs and produces portable and portable-enabled computer equipment in its Taiwan ACME branch. We are a company that seeks to revolutionize the industrial computer sector by providing the highest quality in products and services. As such, Acme allocates a considerable portion of its investment in R&D and always puts our customers on the highest priority. Acme is committed to stay on the cutting edge of technology, to meet and exceed the expectations of new markets as well as distributors' ODM requests.

GPS/INS Systems

Crossbow Technology is a leading supplier of inertial sensor systems for aviation, land, and marine applications and other instrumentation sensors as well as the leading full solutions supplier in the wireless sensor networking arena and the only manufacturer of smart dust wireless sensors. The NAV420CA GPS-Aided Inertial System


Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment uses on-board science analysis and replanning to radically increase science return by enabling intelligent downlink selection and autonomous retargeting.

LabVIEW, the most widely used software for test, measurement, and control, delivers faster time to measurement with the introduction of LabVIEW 7 Express. Now, it's easier to develop intuitive LabVIEW block diagrams for your I/O, analysis, and presentation needs. From simple data acquisition to advanced embedded software development, LabVIEW delivers productivity you can measure.

Land Information System (LIS) is a high performance land surface modeling and data assimilation system, based on GSFC's Land Data Assimilation Systems. This site provides LIS source codes and sample data to registered users.

Neptec provides 3D on-orbit inspection tools to the space shuttle and has developed a suite of products based on its space-proven technologies. Developing hardware and software, Neptec creates dynamic and powerful sensor systems capable of extracting, classifying, identifying and tracking objects in near real-time. Using advanced data acquisition and processing technology, Neptec sensors offer more relevant information and less extraneous data — quickly and efficiently — over modest bandwidths.

Recursive Hierarchical Segmentation (RHSEG) Pre-processing Software
For faster, highly accurate analysis of single band, multispectral, or hyperspectral imagery data at resolutions up to 8000x8000 pixels
Developed by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s (GSFC) Dr. James C. Tilton, the Recursive Hierarchical Segmentation (RHSEG) Pre-processing Software provides hierarchical segmentation (pre-processing) of both image and nonimage data. The RHSEG Pre-processing Software significantly improves the extraction of patterns from complex data sets. Optimized for speed and accuracy, this patent-pending algorithm provides the user with precise control for selecting the desired level of detail from the hierarchy of results. The software allows the user to group non–spatially adjacent regions for unprecedented accuracy and flexibility with a wide range of image and data types. Originally designed for remote earth sensing, the RHSEG Pre-processing Software is broadly applicable to a range of applications, from medical imaging to data mining.
The software technology is available for license in two versions. The Artifact Elimination Version (RHSEG-AE) includes the publicly available Core RHSEG Pre-processing Software, the patent-pending Artifact Elimination technology, and the HSEGViewer. The Enhanced Performance Version (RHSEG-AEP) includes the Core RHSEG Pre-processing Software, the patent-pending Artifact Elimination technology, the patent-pending Parallel Processing technology, and the HSEGViewer. Both versions are available for licensing. GSFC seeks to license the RHSEG technologies to private industry for use in commercial applications.

UltraSpectral is developing an advanced software suite, SpectralObjeX™ that will transform the way multispectral, hyperspectral and ultraspectral data is processed, stored and integrated/fused with other sensor data.


Clairvoyante's proprietary PenTile RGBW™ technology helps LCD manufacturers produce very bright, low-power displays with high resolution

Data Compression

Dirac is a general-purpose video compression family suitable for everything from internet streaming to HDTV and electronic cinema.

Samplify Systems' high-speed compression algorithms represent a highly disruptive technology that truly takes compression where it has never been before. Addressing the gap between ever-increasing digitization rates and the limitations of today's fixed-bandwidth infrastructure, Samplify's high-speed FPGA-based compression dramatically improves system performance, reduces design complexity, and lowers system cost.

WDIC---Wavelet-based Document Image Compression

Accessory Equipment

Crossbow is the leading supplier of solid-state inertial systems for commercial applications. Our cost-effective solutions offer a unique combination of rugged MEMS gyros and accelerometers coupled with advanced DSP-based algorithms.

Complete Systems

Goodrich Optical and Space Systems designs and builds high performance custom engineered electronics, optics, shortwave infrared cameras and arrays, intelligence exploitation systems and electro-optical products for defense, scientific, and commercial applications.

Welcome to the Small Satellites Home Page! The purpose of these pages is to provide up to date information, resources, references and links for space researchers and enthusiasts on the internet. While small satellites have literally been around since the dawn of the Space Age, large satellites and programmes have dominated the industry. However, as a reaction to reducing budgets, emphasis in the 1990's in industry on "Smaller, faster, better, cheaper" has focused increased attention on the capabilities and advantages that small satellites can bring to existing and new applications.

Data Processing and Distribution Systems

CSC has developed novel architectures and interconnects for massively parallel computing in a compact integrated circuit.

DChart A NOAA Web interface for OPeNDAP/dapper in-situ data collections
GENI Global Environment for Network Innovations

GEONETCast is a near real time, global network of satellite-based data dissemination systems designed to distribute space-based, air-borne and in situ data, metadata and products to diverse communities.

NeuralTools™ brings a sophisticated new capability for forecasting and prediction in Microsoft Excel: Neural Networks. You'll make new predictions based on the patterns in your known data with uncanny accuracy.

NeuroDimension has brought state-of-the-art neural network and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to the marketplace for over 10 years.

Space Micro High-Performance Rad-Hard Computers for Space Applications


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