This page has a listing of the research projects and studies that will be necessary to develop the Full Spectral Imaging concept.

For questions and answers regarding the Full Spectral Imaging© project see: Questions and Answers Regarding Full Spectral Imaging

The following is a list of research projects that must be done to demonstrate the feasibility of FSI:

* Application of 3-D real-time JPEG-2000 compression to remotely sensed data
* Alternative 3-D (spectro-spatial) data compression methods
* Hardware for real-time digitization
* Wide field-of-view all-reflective fore-optics
* “Bow-tie” correction optics
* Multiple focal plane splitter systems
* Compact imaging spectrometer availability and quality
* CMOS detector technology evaluation
* SWIR detector technology evaluation
* Non-linear A/D conversion technologies
* Flat-fielding system technology
* Direct broadcast transmission technologies
* Peer-to-peer or Grid data acquisition and sharing system
* Availability of “pseudo-invariant” targets
* Feasibility of empirical reflectance retrieval


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