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This page provides the latest information on the Remote Sensing On-Line Project (RSOL)

The goal of the Remote Sensing On-Line Project (RSOL) is to promote Earth Remote Sensing by providing full access to a wide range of remotely sensed data, and near real-time remotely sensed data in a user-friendly fashion.  The 'user-friendliness' of the site will be assured by incorporating tutorials and step-by-step instructions for accessing the data and generating data products.  All processing will take place at the server, minimizing the need for large data transfers.  The customers include schools (grades 9-12), colleges and universities, and GIS and remote sensing researchers.

The RSOL Project was developed from an idea proposed by John Bolton at the Goddard Space Flight Center.  A commercial partnership with Research Systems (RSI) was established.  Based on the RSOL concept, RSI developed a commercial product called "ENVI On the Net" (EON).

The new Remote Sensing On Line Project development web site
[NOTE:  Work on the Remote Sensing On-Line project has been suspended due to lack of support by NASA and by RSI]

The "Strawman" Remote Sensing On-Line Website  has a proposed web page format for the actual site

The Remote Sensing On-Line Resources page contains a listing of relates web sites and resources that may be used for the Remote Sensing On-Line Project

The References  page contains useful background information related to data acquisition for the Remote Sensing On-Line Project


Project Plan

The Remote Sensing On-Line (RSOL) Project will provide remotely sensed data, and near real time data, in a user-friendly manner.  This will be done by:

Using existing facilities and infrastructure

Using a simple but fully capable web-based user interface

Project Partners

The following are the NASA/Goddard individuals or organizations who will initially participate in the project:  As the prototype system is set up, we will find many more willing to participate.  For a listing of potential participants outside Goddard, please see Remote Sensing On-Line Resources below.


Project Implementation Plan


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John Bolton's Initiatives 1985 Present